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Les folies de Coco...
16 décembre 2012

Two ATCs for Guest Designer Stampotique challenge !

Bonjour !

J'espère que vous allez bien, et que vos préparatifs de noël avancent bien ! De mon côté c'est un peu au point mort, mais il me reste encore quelques jours... :) Et pour tous ceux ou celles qui s'inquiètent de mon rythme de scrap intense ces dernières semaines c'est vrai, promis après les fêtes je fais une petite pause !  

Mais pour aujourd'hui, je fais juste une parenthèse dans ce que j'ai encore à vous montrer de mes réas de noël, car je tenais vraiment à participer au dernier challenge sur le blog Stampotique Designer's blog. Un challenge spécial, puisqu'il il s'agit d'une opportunité de devenir Guest Designer pour les tampons Stampotiques, et moi vous le savez bien maintenant, j'en raffole vraiment de ces tampons !!!! Impossible donc de ne pas tenter ma chance... 23
Pour tenter l'aventure, si ça vous intéresse aussi, il faut réaliser un ATC (Artist Trading Card) avec des ailes. Les ATCs sont des formats un peu petits pour moi, que je n'aime pas trop scrapper d'habitude... Mais là, j'ai fait une exception ! [mdr] Et en même temps, ça rend le défi d'autant plus intéressant ! 

Sur ma lancée j'en ai réalisé deux, que je partage avec plaisir avec vous car je les trouve chouettes. C'est dommage, les couleurs sont beaucoup plus éclatantes en réalité (surtout le doré) mais j'ai fait mes photos par temps gris et en intérieur, et sans flash sinon ça ne rend rien Grr ! Pour les explications techniques, par manque de temps et en honneur au challenge auquel je participe, elle sont en anglais... excusez-moi. Je n'ai pas essayé, mais si besoin, vous pouvez tester le Google translator sur la droite ! 

Hello !

Even if I'm not used to work on very small size projects like ATCs, I decided to take up the special challenge of wings on ATC to try to become a Guest Designer for the Stampotiques's designer blog challenge, since I'm really in love with these stamps... You can see it on my banner !! ;)

So I'am entering my first ATC (and possibly my second one on the same theme) into the Stampotique contest for a chance to become a guest designer, beside other so talented DT members !!!

I took my inspiration in the books and Reading, in the continuity of my Christmas project to decorate the small library of my town... The photos are not really good since the weather was bad when I took them boo... but hope you enjoy anyway ! 


For the background, I first covered my manilla ATC card with a coat of paint (Fresco Finish Mermaid), then stamped on the left part a beautiful french script text (StampEnjoy stamp) and at the oppsite, I used just the border of the same stamp. On the intermediate part to the right, I chose the stamp "Handwriting" from Stampington (also wonderful !) partially covered not with ink, but rather paint also (Fresco Finish Inky Pool). At this step, I already loved the effect of mixed paints... 
But since I wanted to profit of this ATC to test my new Goosebumps texture product, I sprayed it over part of ATC from a distance. When dry, I rub over beige clear paint (Haystack) and when dry again, smoothly wiped back some parts (the shining ones we guess !) to reveal initial deeper colors.  It gives really nice effects, you should really try if not yet done !
For the finishes, I also added Gesso with water, and paints and inks at the edges. That's all, as long as I can remember !!

To decorate my ATC, I chose my "Gobby Lin" Stampotique stamp, I colored with a mix of distress inks, Cosmic shimmer and dylusions inks (Mallow and Crushed grape), and paint. I inked with pigment Izink Gold the hat and top of dress, and added some Glitter dusts before dry. I Realized a small book at the top with scraps of paper and black masking-tape, and also decided at the end to add a very tiny book lol ! I printed the text on reading, distressed it and painted it with remainings of Haystack. My beautiful tiny wings are in plastic fool, I used the "medium Bee" Stampotique Stamp inked in Brilliance Silver, and miniaturized thanks to my heat-gun. I cut the Snowman from a large ribbon.... Small embellisments to finish.  

Here are some more details:



And here is the second one, I really like too... 


For this ATC, I combined the "Gog Lin" and the "Medium Bee" stamps. I truly think that one single stamp can be used by many ways. So combining several stamps together is like a game, always increasing the joy ! 

My background realization follows roughly the sames stages as before, except I didn't use exactly the same paints and inks. For the wings, previous Medium Bee stamp was also used but stamped onto Acetate (using Gold Brilliance ink) rather than Plastic, and so results have not exactly the same size !!! I highlighted the body of the bee in black Enamel. 

Here are both together... Hope you like them as much as they gave me fun !!! Please tell me which one your prefer !...?? For me, I can't choose. [:D] 


So here is my submission to this fab Stampotique challenge and exciting opportunity. Initially I hoped I could use the new "Daniel's Tree Topper" stamp (so cute !) for this ATC, but I didn't receive yet boo...:( Anyway finally I'm happy with the stamps I used, I like very much the results ! So even if I don't succeed to become Guest Designer, it's ok for me, as usuals I took an extreme pleasure to do these two ATCs using my Stampotique stamps. I hope you'll have as much fun looking at them as I got creating them ! Thanks for your visit ! (and I also hope you will not smile more in reading my poor english than looking at my tiny artworks, hem...)
Bisessssss et bon dimanche / Have a nice day, xoxooooo bisous

Vraiment trop beaux - très original - j'aime beaucoup - bizzz
Bravo on creating your first ever ATCs - we can tell you had so much fun!<br /> <br /> Absolutely love these - quirky, cool and also, since I can remember I have been a Bookworm, books are an essential part of my life so I just love this quote.<br /> <br /> Fabulous!<br /> <br /> Wishes<br /> <br /> Lynne
c'est original comme d'habitude!! ils ont de sacrées tronches ces personnages lol!!<br /> <br /> bisous et bonne chance!
Both fantastic ATC's - good luck with the Stampotique guest spot. Polly xx
Wonderful! Such fun too!!!!!
Les folies de Coco...
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